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Calling all weeds...

Our "Weeds to Whack" section has grown recently, with more weeds, better descriptions and better photos.

As well, we have added the "filters" which you can use in advanced search on the index page. This means you can look for weeds of a particular plant type (shrub, tree, etc.) as well as "special feature" and "habitat". Special features include such things as "invasive by plant parts" and "shade tolerant". The habit allows you to search on aquatic weeds, for example, or weeds of rocky hillsides.

We have many people to thank for their expert assistance, notably Dr Sheldon Navie, Education Research Officer at the CRC for Australian Weed Management, who has given us permission to reproduce many photos and who has helped with countless identifications. His generosity with time and resources is much appreciated and it must be noted that the errors (of which there are surely many) are not Sheldon's but instead must be slated home to the less experienced weedologists in the SOWN group.

Many superb photos were provided by SOWN member Mark Crocker, taken for the web site and for the repeatedly-promised Weeds Calendar. Other members who have pitched in include Matt Tomkins. All contributions very welcome.

If you have any weeds on your patch you want to document, identify, or eradicate take a photo and send it in. Knowing your enemy is the first step.

Many weeds are escaped ornamentals so it is not surprising that you will find many beautiful images in the weed catalogue. Some of them, taken with macro settings, reveal amazing structures, especially in the flowers. You'll find yourself fascinated and amazed as you recoil in horror at each new page. Set aside a few minutes to dip into the catalogue. So far there are 134 specimens listed, most with many photos.

If you know of any new weeds or have photos of flowers, habit, leaves, tubers and other weed features that could help with weed ID, please send them in. To view the catalogue, follow the link below.


We are always looking for more and better photos of weeds for our gallery. If you have any, please email them in. If you notice any mistakes in the...