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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2012

4pm Saturday 1 December

The annual general meeting of Save Our Waterways Now will be held at 4pm on Saturday 1 December at the SOWN Environment Centre 98 Yoorala Street The Gap.

The meeting will be followed by the SOWN Christmas Pizza Party. SOWN will provide the pizzas and drinks. Please bring salads and sweets to share. Click on the platypus below for more details.

SOWN Proxy Form - Please complete if you are unable to attend the meeting
Form to nominate for the SOWN Management Committee - If you need assistance completing this form please contact the Secretary
Please email SOWN Secretary - With any proxies, nominations and apologies. Also if you are attending the party afterwards, please let the Secretary know.

Sown Logo 4pm Saturday 1 December - SOWN Annual General Meeting and Christmas Pizza Party

Join Save Our Waterways Now for our end-of-year celebrations on Saturday 1 December 2012 at the SOWN Environment Centre 98 Yoorala Street The...