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Special Easter edition

Nursery open on Easter Saturday

The SOWN Nursery will be open this Easter Saturday 9-11am and there are lots of lovely plants waiting to go in the ground.

We're overstocked with Acacias, Hovea, Hardenbergia, Eustrephus, Geitenoplesium, Kennedia, Lophostemon and much more. And the ground is still moist after the rain.

Some of the nursery stock is from the guys at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre who are producing quality plants in very big numbers.

Time to go hunting for Easter Cassia. So check out your site for those lovely yellow flowers which are very obvious just now. Cut and paint stump with 1:1 Glyphosate, or checkout SOWN TV. Link below.

Seed to collect might be:

  • Austromyrtus dulcis - yeah, it's not strictly a local, but...
  • Cissus Antarctica
  • Cordyline petiolaris and rubra
  • Neolitsea dealbata - there's a prize for seed from this one - we haven't had it in the Nursery before
  • Tabernaemontana pandacaqui - fruit are said to be poisonous so use your secateurs and wear gloves
  • Tristaniopsis laurina - collect seed before the capsules open
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