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February 2012

Frogs are calling

Calling Graceful Tree Frog - Litoria gracilenta
Graceful Tree Frog calling.

It's been great weather for frogs so it's very appropriate SOWN's web site has several new pages about our local frogs. Thanks to Julia Squires and the Queensland Frog Society for providing lots of great photos and descriptions.

Colin Piele's exhibition of paintings opened last Friday to great acclaim. The paintings can only truly be appreciated by seeing them in person at the Nona Gallery 41 Grafton Street Windsor until 20 February.

Frog Frogs

See new photos and descriptions of the Tusked Frog, Striped Marsh Frog, Scarlet Sided Pobblebonk, Green Tree Frog, Graceful Tree Frog, Emerald...  

Artwork by Colin Peile Ends 20 February - Trees (Wisdom of the Elders) an exhibition of artworks by Colin Peile

SOWN member Colin Piele has put together an entrancing exhibition called Trees (Wisdom of the Elders) that combines tall trees and portraits of...  

BRAIN Brisbane Rainforest Action and Information Network 7pm Wednesday 29 February - BRAIN meeting

Join the BRAINiacs for the first meeting of 2012. Bring supper to share and a plant to swap. The guest speaker for the meeting is weed expert...  

Clean Up Australia Team Sunday 4 March - Clean Up Australia Day

Join SOWN to clean up Dawn Street Park Ashgrove for Clean Up Australia Day. As well as cleaning up, we will be planting locally native trees,...