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December 2011

Let this summer be fruitful and produce great quantities of seed for you, our members, to hand over to the nursery* in brown paper bags. These brown paper bag 'contributions' are an essential part of your membership. Get it? If you don't cough up seed, how can we promise you'll benefit from our environmental 'protection racket'.

And speaking of membership, when was the last time you planted a plant? This is not an armchair organisation, you know. The nursery is bursting at the seams with gorgeous greenery, and where are you? No excuse is good enough. Get thee to the nursery and get planting. You know you should.

*SOWN Nursery will be shut on Saturday 24 December, Wednesday 28 December and Saturday 31 December.

Seed What's fruiting in December?

Strictly speaking, seed collecting is really 'fruit collecting'. Our plants produce fruits in various forms - pods, capsules, gumnuts and berries,...  

Dianella fruit Latest seed wishlist - December 2011

This is a different way of asking for seed for the nursery. The species listed below are those for which the Nursery believes it has adequate...  

Sown Logo SOWN celebrates end of 2011

SOWN's annual general meeting was an opportunity to get together, look back on the achievements of 2011 and make plans for 2012. The meeting...  

Sown Logo 8am 26 January - Australia Day event cancelled

The Australia Day event has been cancelled. We hope to announce a new date for a planting at Dawn Street Park in the near future. 

Artwork by Colin Peile Ends 20 February - Trees (Wisdom of the Elders) an exhibition of artworks by Colin Peile

SOWN member Colin Piele has put together an entrancing exhibition called Trees (Wisdom of the Elders) that combines tall trees and portraits of...