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July events


Northey Street City Farm is holding a community planting tomorrow.

They are keen to encourage SOWN members to join in the fun. Details below.

Also don't forget Gourmet Butterflies with Helen Schwencke. No butterflies will be eaten at this event. It's all about the edible plants enjoyed by both butterflies and humans. Details below.

Bob Whiteman planting 10am Friday 22 July - Community Bush Reveg Day

Join our friends at Northey Street City Farm on the banks of Enoggera Creek to plant native species adjacent to the city farm. It will focus on...  

Male Richmond Birdwing butterfly 7pm Wednesday 27 July - Gourmet Butterflies with Helen Schwencke

Join with Helen as she offers a bouquet of ideas about enhancing biodiversity while feeding yourself. Learn about which food plants we can share...