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Nursery stocktake & end-of-financial-year sale

Click on the stocktake story for details of our current list of plants available free to financial members. If you haven't paid your membership fees now's the time to get access to these babies.

Need a backpack sprayer? In a triumph over perished seals and stuck valves, we got three of the four yellow 18L sprayers working and working brilliantly. They are quality bits of gear, with brass valves and pumps, and now with brand new Solo style adjustable brass nozzles they are heaven to use and hell on weeds. Come in and borrow one for your site.

Nursery Nursery Stocktake 31 March 2012

Thanks to Lyn and our nursery vols we have an up-to-date list of 13,354 plants for your bushcare sites. Plants are listed by stock and...