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Last minute address correction:

Brian (MCCG) writes: "Do be sure to let attendees know that the Cottage is located on Gold Creek Road Brookfield (not Moggill, as in your instructions) and that it is at the very end of Gold Creek Road (Refidex 136, L14)."

Learn how to create a rainforest garden

The fourth in this year's very popular BRAIN rainforest workshops will teach you how to design and plant your rainforest garden. Numbers are limited because the Moggil Creek Catchment Centre (end of Gold Creek Road) can only hold about 25. It's a great spot, well worth checking out. But be quick. Follow the link to book.

Also now in the SOWN site, you can subscribe to the Home Page RSS feed, and be updated on your mobile phone or browser when new content is added. Technology these days, eh?

Finally, we are desperate for wire trays, so if you have any please return them to the Nursery Saturday or Wednesdays, but not this Wednesday, as the Nursery is closed for the public Holiday.

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