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What are our worst weeds?

"So many weeds, what should I be worried about most?" we hear you ask.

The answer is the new filters we have applied to the weeds page (follow the link below). We have added Declared Plants (these are the official ones, with Class 1 being the most serious). Also, more in relation to Enoggera catchment specifically, a Weed Risk rating. Here are the ratings and the numbers of weeds in the database assigned to each.

Weed risk: Extreme 33
Weed risk: High 32
Weed risk: Low 57
Weed risk: Medium 34
Weed Status: Declared Class 1 1
Weed Status: Declared Class 2 3
Weed Status: Declared Class 3 17
Weed status: New and emerging 49

And for the keen weed spotters, a final category "new and emerging" which we should work on eliminating before they get a toehold. Yes, weeds have toes. Very ugly, tenacious toes. With warts.

Use the dropdown menus to filter your search. You can also choose plant type and habitat and come up with a very specific set of results.

Follow the link below and enjoy!


We are always looking for more and better photos of weeds for our gallery. If you have any, please email them in. If you notice any mistakes in the...