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SOWN TV SERIES 1 - now online

Sown TV SERIES 1 is the first 7 episodes, being:

1. Crowbar Planting
2. Dutchmans Pipe - The Killer from Brazil
3. Easter Cassia - The Dreaded Yellow Flowers
4. Fish Snapshot - at Walton Bridge Reserve
5. Raspberry Festival 2006
6. Water Saving Inventions (NEW!)
7. Bush Friendly Gardening (NEW!)

Numbers 6 and 7 are now online (follow links below). All 7 have been made into a DVD, available very soon at a bush care activity near you.


SOWN TV is a series of short videos (max 5min each) on bushcare topics. Please see the list of topics and links to the videos below on this...  

Crowbar Planting Crowbar Planting with Save Our Waterways Now

Water-saving and energy-efficient way of planting tubestock in bushcare sites. The method involves very close planting into holes dug with a crowbar...  

Dutchman's Pipe Dutchmans Pipe - The Killer from Brazil

Environmental education film about a Brazilian vine (Aristolochia elegans) introduced as a garden plant into South East Queensland, Australia....  

Easter Cassia Easter Cassia - The Dreaded Yellow Flowers

Easter Cassia (Senna pendula var. glabra) is a pretty shrub that has escaped from Brisbane gardens and become an environmental weed. At Easter time....  

Fish Fish Snapshot - at Walton Bridge Reserve

Each year, in Spring and again in Autumn, SOWN volunteers survey the fish populations and water quality of local creeks. This autumn (2006) we were...  

Raspberry Festival 2006

SOWN TV has done it again. A event documentary this time, of our successful inaugural Raspberry Festival, held in Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap....  

Water savers Water Saving Inventions for Gardeners and Bush Care Groups

Brian Hallinan, one of the founders of SOWN, shows us several water saving inventions for gardeners and bush carers including the coreflute plant...  

Bush Friendly Gardening Bush Friendly Gardening

Bob Whiteman shows us how he transformed his creekside property into a rainforest garden to complement the efforts of local bushcare groups,...