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Flies (Diptera)

As defined by entomologists, a fly is any species of insect of the order Diptera. These typically have one pair of true wings, with the hind wings modified into halteres. Mosquitoes are also Dipterans.

Neoitamus sp. (?) - Robber Fly

Asilidae (Robber Flies)
Robber flies are a large family in Diptera with over 600 species in Australia. They are large and conspicuous and can be found resting on branches. 

Insect > Fly > Calliphoridae > Lucilia sp (Greenbottle)

Calliphoridae (Blowflies)
Blowflies are relatively large Calyptrate flies, often an attractive blue-green, metallic colour. These are known as blue-bottles and green-bottles. 

Long-Legged Fly, Sciapus sp., Subfamily Sciapodinae, Family Dolichopodidae

Dolichopodidae (Longlegged Flies)
Longlegged Flies (Dolichopodidae) are small to minute with bright metallic colors, mostly green or bronze. Their legs are long so they also have... 


Drosophilidae (Fruit Flies)
Drosophilidae (Order: Diptera) is a diverse, cosmopolitan family of flies, including the genus Drosophila, which includes fruit flies, vinegar flies,... 

Cephaloconus sp

Lauxaniidae (Lauxaniid Flies)
Lauxaniidae is a family of acalyptrate flies with around 1500 described species in 126 genera distributed worldwide. Some, like this Cephaloconus... 


Muscidae (Muscid Flies)
Muscidae is a family of flies found in the superfamily Muscoidea, commonly known as house flies or stable flies. dults can be predatory,... 

Euprosopia sp

Platystomatidae (Signal Flies)
Platystomatidae is one of the larger families of acalyptrate Diptera with around 1,000 species in 50 genera. Adults are found on tree trunks and... 

Flesh Flies

Sarcophagidae (Flesh Flies)
Wikipedia: Flies of the Diptera family Sarcophagidae (from the Greek sarco = corpse, phage = eating) are commonly known as flesh flies. Most flesh... 


Sepsidae (Black Scavenger Flies)
Black Scavenger Flies, also known as Ant Mimicking Flies, are usually found around decaying material. They resemble ants having a "waist" and glossy... 

Soldier Fly

Stratiomyidae (Soldier Flies)
The soldier fly family contains over 2,000 species in about 400 genera worldwide. They are often rather inactive flies which typically rest with... 


Syrphidae (Hover, Drone Flies)
This wasp-mimic fly has dark colour wings, yellow and black bands body and large eyes. It mimics a wasp or bee, but is a Dipteran fly.  

Insect > Fly > Scaptia auriflua > Flower-feeding March Fly Bunyobi

Tabanidae (March Flies)
Tabanidae are among the world's largest true flies, important pollinators of flowers. In Australia, they are known as March flies. 


Tachinidae (Tachinid Flies)
Could be Phorocera sp.. Tachinid are hard to identify even to genus level. Tachinidae is a large and rather variable family of true flies within... 


Tipulidae (Crane flies)
Crane flies (Tipulidae) are a family of insects resembling giant mosquitoes. Like the mosquito, they are in the order Diptera (flies). They have...