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Bugs (Hemiptera)

Bugs and their relatives are in the Order Hemiptera, all having modified mouthparts for sucking, usually fused together into a tube (rostrum) for piercing.

Paddy Bug

ALYDIDAE Broad headed bugs
Alydidae (Broad-headed Bugs) are very similar to the closely related Coreidae (leaf-footed bugs and relatives). Most are tropical and subtropical. 

Spittle Bugs

APHROPHORIDAE Spittlebugs, Froghoppers
True spittlebugs are usually visible as masses of froth (sometimes called "cuckoo-spit") clinging to the stems of shrubs or small trees. This... 


A Cicada is an insect with large eyes wide apart on the head and usually transparent, well-veined wings. There are about 2,500 species of cicada... 


COCCOIDAE Soft Scale Insects
Cryptes baccatus is a light bluish grey scale insect when young, turns brown with age. Forms colonies of 30-40 on some Acacias including A. 

Bronze orange shieldbug

COREIDAE Leaf Footed Bugs, Squash Bugs
Coreidae is a large family with over 1800 described species in some 250 genera. They generally resemble shield bugs and include leaf footed bugs and... 

Flatidae Planthopper Colgar sp

FULGOROIDEA Planthoppers
Planthoppers are often disguised as leaves or other plant parts. They often "hop" amazing distances at speed, but generally walk very slowly so as... 


The Lygaeidae are one of the larger and more diverse families in the Hemiptera, with over 4000 species in 500 genera, and are commonly known as seed... 


This is a Mealy Bug walking, not commonly seen. (They are shy about showing their legs). It was photographed in Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap. Mealy... 

Aconophora compressa

Treehoppers are small, sedentary bugs that can jump huge distances when disturbed. They have horns that resemble thorns and are sometimes called... 


MIRIDAE Plant Bugs
The large and diverse insect family Miridae is the largest family of true bugs belonging to the suborder Heteroptera, with over 10,000 known species,... 

Theseus modestus (PENTATOMIDAE) Gum Tree Shield Bug

PENTATOMIDAE Stink Bugs & Shield Bugs
Pentatomidae includes some of the stink bugs and shield bugs. They are broad, shield-shaped bugs usually with 5-segmented antennae (hence the family... 

Pale Cotton Stainer

PYRRHOCORIDAE Cotton Stainer Bugs
These bugs were on an Abutilon grandifolium at Carwoola Street, Bardon, Ithaca Creek, when they transferred to the photographer's hat. They have a... 

Assassin Bug

REDUVIIDAE Assassin Bugs
Assassin bugs are a large family of bugs (REDUVIIDAE) found everywhere in Australia. Assassin bugs ambush their prey, usually other insects, piercing... 

L. rufo

RHOPALIDAE Scentless Plant Bugs
The Rhopalidae or scentless plant bugs are a cosmopolitan family of coreoid bugs comprising roughly 18 genera and 209 species. (Australian Biological... 

Jewel Bug

SCUTELLERIDAE Shield-backed Bugs
Scutelleridae are known as shield-backed bugs, as the shield hiding the wings (scutellum) is continuous, not divided. Because they are usually... 

Bronze orange shieldbug

TESSARATOMIDAE Tessaratomid bugs
The Tessaratomidae are a pentatomoid family of 49 genera and about 235 species worldwide, represented in Australia by 12 genera and 18...