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St John's Wood Apr 2005

Steve O'Halloran and Lillian Camphausen dip netting
Steve O'Halloran and Lillian Camphausen dip netting Royal Parade. This survey was part of the official program of sampling run by Melinda Mclean. 

Transferring to buckets
Vera Moffett. Lillian and Christoph Camphausen sorting the catch. 

Collecting the catch
Steve and Lillian are transferring the catch (several shrimps plus the fish) into buckets for ID and counting.  

Keeping them wet
Lillian has the dip net half immersed to prevent the fish being out of water.  

Trevor dip netting
Trevor is skirting the edge of the Wild Taro (Colocasia esculenta) which grows along the bank. Wild Taro is an escaped garden plant, now infesting... 

Two buckets, three men
Steve O'Halloran and Trevor Ozanne looking on at startling discoveries captured in Phillip Squire's bucket.  

Closer Look
Phillip takes a closer look at his catch.  

Is this a good idea?
Is it wise for a person of Lillian's diminutive stature to enter the pool at the deep end?  

Perhaps not
Oops, it's a little deep here. 

Courage under water
Are Steve and Lillian both standing in the same creek? 

A great moment in science
Christoph Camphausen and Trevor Ozanne regarding Lillian Camphausen's catch.