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Mantids (Mantodea)

The order Mantodea (which includes the praying mantis) consists of approximatively 2,300 species, of which a majority are in the family Mantidae.


A cryptic mantid
This mantid was well camouflaged on a licken-covered Notelaea longifolia trunk in Walton Bridge Reserve, The Gap. It appears To be an adult, with its... 

Archimantis latistyla (Stick Mantid)
This Praying Mantid is common in Brisbane. Adults are pale brown. Females (larger than males) have half length wings which cover half of the abdomen. 


Paraoxypilus sp (AMORPHOSCELIDAE) Boxer Bark Mantids
A superbly camouflaged mantid, Boxer Bark Mantids are difficult to spot on bark or stones or leaf litter, but are quite common. You usually only see...