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Methana marginalis (BLATTIDAE) Methana Cockroach

Image: From above

Photo: Robert Whyte

Methana (Bark) Cockroach - note prominent creamy/ white horseshoe marking on the shield.

Most cockroaches in the BLATTIDAE family are flightless except for Methana species. Methana marginalis is a native species found throughout Queensland. (Source: www.ento.csiro.au)

Image: From side

Photo: Robert Whyte

The Methana genus has been around for 115-118 million years. (reported on Scribblygum)

It is popularly suggested that cockroaches will "inherit the earth" if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war. Cockroaches do indeed have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates, with the lethal dose perhaps 6 to 15 times that for humans. However, they are not exceptionally radiation-resistant compared to other insects, such as the fruit fly .

Source: Wikipedia