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Butterfly Festival Oct 2006

Winners of the Photographic Competition
Winners included (left to right) Hugh Goodfellow (first and third prizes), Peter Wilkinson (highly commended) and Justine Barratt (highly commended). 

Butterfly Festival

Planting on the creek bank
Catchment Coordinator Melinda McLean is coordinating the planting team on Sunday 29 October, to wind up the Butterfly Festival. Kate Jones MP, State... 

Butterfly Festival

Kate Jones, keen supporter of SOWN
In her maiden speech for the Queensland Parliament newly elected member for Ashgrove, Kate Jones MP, paid tribute to Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN)... 

Kris Martin, weaving with weeds Workshop
Kris Martin from Weaving Wizardry, taught 10 participants to weave large baskets out of the dreaded cats claws. The Cats Claw was collected by SOWN... 

Indigenous games workshop
Indigenous games was conducted Kaava Watson from Blackbase. BlackBase is a not-for-profit organisation reintroducing these games, teaching them in... 

Rock Climbing workshop
Rock Climbing was very popular activity at the Butterfly Festival. Rock Climbing was a activity provided by Brisbane City Council, Active Parks... 

Indigenous Arts and Crafts Workshop
Rick Rosserís indigenous arts and crafts workshop enthralled children and adults. Rick taught a number of crafts from string making to fire making. 

Butterfly Garden
Artist Robert Andrews worked with children to create an imagery butterfly garden for the festival. This activity was was provided by Active Parks... 

Beautiful Butterfly Drawings
These are some of the beautiful butterfly drawings that were created for the butterfly garden. 

Gekos Wildlife
Melinda McLean, SOWN Catchment Coordinator showing children some of extraordinary wildlife of our catchment. The creatures were brought to the... 

Focus On Creeks, Photographic Competition
Councillor Geraldine Knapp who is the president of SOWN and major sponsor of Focus On Creeks, Photographic Competition handing the microphone to Liam... 

Focus On Creeks, Photographic Competition under 16 years section
Some of the winners and young photographers who highly commended from Focus On Creeks, Photographic Competition under 16 years section.