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Aussie Backyard Bird Count

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is on again from Monday 17 October to Sunday 23 October. It would be great to get more of our SOWN sites along Enoggera, Ithaca and Fish creeks included and the birds recorded.

You just have to stay in one spot for 20 minutes and record and count all the birds you see (or hear) and then submit this list to Birdlife Australia. You can submit your count manually through the website or download and use the phone app.

Click on the Aussie Backyard Bird Count above to go to the website for more information and to register. You will also be able to see a map of what others are recording for our area (or for anywhere in Australia). 


Nursery Supply Crisis - Membership cards are needed to collect plants from SOWN
The SOWN nursery has become a victim of its own success. Currently we cannot meet demand and this is despite producing record numbers of plants.

It is clear that a significant number of non-members are taking advantage of our generosity and making no contribution to SOWN. .

As a first action, free plants will only be made available to current SOWN financial members, who must present their membership card and member number to take plants or borrow equipment.

Membership cards can be collected from the nursery with proper identification.

Record Number of Plants Produced by SOWN
The SOWN nursery, in association with the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC), GOSSIP (Aveo Retirement Village, Newmarket) and members home nurseries have produced a record 83,700 plants in 2015/16. This compares with a total of 67,700 plants produced in 2014/15.

Plants produced by the various sources in 2015/16 were as follows:
-- SOWN nursery 27,600 plants
-- AGCC program 40,700 plants
-- GOSSIP 11,000 plants
-- Home nurseries 4,400 plants

SOWN would like to thank all the nursery volunteers, GOSSIP participants and AGCC inmates who have contributed to this record plant output. SOWN nursery volunteers contributed 2580 hours in 2015/16. This is up from 2250 hours in 2014/15. The important role played by inmates at the AGCC in supporting SOWN activities is also clear from the figures.

Dick Harding and Lynn Swan have done a wonderful job in managing the SOWN nursery and the AGCC program and need to be specially thanked.

Please return your wire trays
If you have any wire trays and you can return them to the SOWN nursery, please do so asap.

This is a recurring problem and failure to return these trays impedes our capacity to grow plants and to supply them to you.

Trays can be left at the nursery gate at any time, they will be cleared by nursery volunteers throughout the week. Please help us to help you. We could buy more trays by implementing a deposit scheme, but this would be an unnecessary inconvenience to you and the nursery volunteers.

Lynn Swan volunteering for SOWN Nursery

How much fun can you have on a Saturday morning?
We need more volunteers to help staff the SOWN Plant Nursery on a Saturday morning. It's only for two hours every couple of months and it's a seriously great place to hang out amongst the plants. 

Sown Logo

SOWN is a community organisation working to restore the habitats of creeks and waterways in the catchments of Enoggera, Ithaca and Fish Creeks in Brisbane's north west.

The SOWN nursery provides plants free to members. Nursery opening hours are as follows:
Saturdays 9.00 am to 11.00 am; and
Wednesdays 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.

us to your followers!

SOWN has volunteer catchment groups working on creek restoration throughout the Enoggera catchment including along Enoggera Creek, Fish Creek and Ithaca Creek. Look here to find the group nearest to you. 




These planting guides will help you choose the best local native plants for your regeneration site or garden. You can also visit the "Plants To Plant" section using the site navigation.